Kidney and your hair

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Is Hair Loss Due to Kidney Failure

In kidney failure, nearly all of kidney function has lost and then patients are more likely to suffer a wide variety of hair, skin and nail problems. Some patients with kidney failure? How does this occur? Here, you can get the information that you want to make clear.

When does hair loss occur on people with kidney failure?

When the person develops kidney failure, his hair will become visibly abnormal, because his hair may be very dry and brittle. For some kidney patients, their hair loss can occur before beginning dialysis or after undergoing dialysis, while the hair loss on the healthy people is usually contributed to aging, stress or gene.

The cause of hair loss due to kidney failure?

Knowing the causes is a preparation for the following treatment. In most cases, three factors can lead to kidney patient’s hair loss.

Poor nutrition: As we know, hair is made up of protein. However, for people with kidney failure, they are commonly recommended for a low-protein diet, because excessive protein can increase the workload on the kidney and cause further kidney damage. This makes some patients nearly avoid all of protein that can easily cause hair loss. In fact, correct amount of protein intake is good for these patients.

Lack of water: In kidney failure, patient’s urine usually becomes less than before, so most of them limit their intake of water. As a result, dry or itchy skin, or hair problems occur easily.

Mineral imbalance: Zinc imbalance in the body is also related to hair loss. People with kidney failure are at high risk for zinc deficiency. A poor-nutrition diet is difficult to meet patients’ zinc need. The imbalance of other minerals such as iron, calcium, vitamin B, etc, may also contribute to the causes of hair loss due to kidney failure.

If you have kidney failure and your hair begins to lose, you are recommended to make a new diet that contains rich nutrition and take some treatments to improve your kidney function. With enough nutrition and high kidney function, your hair will be glorious again.

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