How to detox your scalp — Natural Hair Care Tips


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A scalp detox treatment includes massaging in a mask to exfoliate the scalp, which unclogs your pores of dead skin and removes toxins from the hair follicles, roots, and oil glands. For a simple at home DIY scalp mask recipe, you will need: 1 teaspoon of baking soda Baking soda is a natural cleansing ingredient […]

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This is for men out there!


With the man-bun rage lately, it’s more common for men tame their manly mane as well. Both for a good cause and for aesthetic purposes.

You don’t believe me?? In between gaming sessions and dates, men want to look their best for their other half as well. It’s not just the ladies putting in all the hard work to look good nowadays. So can I gather all the guys here right now! You! Stop playing and get here! LaoFoYe is going to share some simple tips for hair care maintenance today! Look good today for yourself with these tips.

DO NOT wash your hair daily

Your close female friends have probably told you this before but you thought that they were gross for doing so. Well, washing your hair too often can strip the hair of protective natural oils that keep the strands healthy. Thus you may end up having dry scalp and frizzy hair. Also, natural oil produced by scalp is important to prevent drying of scalp and thinning of hair.

If you scalp gets too oily, you will suffer from hair loss problem as well. But fret not! LaoFoYe has a solution! You can visit LaoFoYe to detox your scalp every two to three times per month and maintain a healthy scalp which also makes it easier for you to style your hair!

You can use hair conditioner as well!

Do not be afraid of the HAIR CONDITIONER

Not just women love to cross fingers in their hair, but men also love this idea. If you are among them who want soft nourished hair, then regular conditioning should be a part of your daily hair care routine.

Like shampoos, conditioners are also available with different formulations allowing you to have a wide range of options. Conditioners work the same way – they coat your hair so that it remains tangle-free. People with straight or very short hair do not need any conditioner at all, but for them a special formulation of shampoo plus conditioner can work great. People with wavy or curly hair need regular conditioning.

You can go with an inexpensive brand with gentle formation and free from strong chemicals.

Protect your hair from UV RAYS

You are very particular about keeping your skin and eyes protection from the harmful rays of sun. What you forget is that those damaging rays can also hurt your hair. The problem is more severe when you have thin hair or bald spots. It can lead to premature ageing of skin and increases the risk of skin cancer. If you need to step out in the bright sun, you should consider shielding your hair. There are sun protection sprays and allied products to allow you keep your hair safe from the damaging effect of UV rays.

Be more attentive to your styling gel

Men and gel are best friends. They love to style their hair with using a styling gel. Gel is also loved by men because it gives body and shape to hair. Market is flooded with a variety of styling gels and waxes. They are different in composition and formulation. You choices include:

  • Water based gels – they consist of polymers which form a film around individual hair strands ensuring they can be shaped easily.
  • Spray gel – they are tiny droplets of polymers.
  • Hair wax – the wax clamps together creating firmer hold around hair.
  • Pomades – they are oil-based products to give added shine to your hair.
  • Paste – a combination of oil and wax.
  • Hair creams – they make a great option by blending oil, wax and polymers to allow maximum control.

Whatsoever product you choose, make sure that you use them sparingly as excessive use may have some side-effects. Using them in smaller quantity – take a tiny drop on your palm and then apply gently. If you have dandruff, try finding an alcohol free product as alcohol can lead to dryness.

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Now that you gained some knowledge about hair care maintenance, it’s time to put all these handy tips to use and  present a better you to the world!

Your grey can turn black too!

I’m sure all of you are guilty of this else you wouldn’t be reading this post. Imagine this scenario.


You see a strand of grey hair.

You pluck one strand out. And then you see another one. You pluck the other one out.

Soon after, you will go like this.

One strand, two strands, three strands of grey hair,

Four strands, five strands, six strands of grey hair,

seven strands, eight strands, nine strands of grey hair,


Actually… it wouldn’t. BUT, you might have to live with bald patches next time.

Do you know why?

By pulling a grey hair, one is simply removing the hair, and the new hair growing from that follicle will continue to grow as it was doing: with no pigmentation. This means that by plucking one grey hair all you are doing is removing the hair temporarily as it will grow back again, and grey too. However, you will not grow an extra grey hair because the hair follicle that produced that hair strand only grows a single individual hair. That means plucking out grey hair will not remove it or make it disappear. It will simply grow back.

The issue that I see here, and that I want to warn you of, is that by plucking a hair you are many times removing the follicle, which can cause defective growth of the hair shaft and in some extreme cases, it can cause the follicle to die due to internal damage.

While it seems like a quick solution, excessive plucking can traumatize the follicle, which over time can cause scarring. Once the follicle is damaged, hair may not grow out of it at all which can lead to a bald spot. If the hair does grow back, the scarred follicle can grow a distorted grey hair that may be coarser and more noticeable than it was previously.

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A classic example is people with trichotillomania, a mental disorder in which sufferers have the compulsion to pluck their hair and are left with bald patches on their scalp as they have damaged their hair follicles beyond repair due to their pulling/plucking compulsion.

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If you want to get rid of your greys, what else can you do?

LaoFoYe offers Grey Hair Treatment, specially for people who suffer from premature greying.

LaoFoYe’s  Grey Hair Treatment takes advantage of the natural herb Eclipta.


Remember this picture from our old blog background image?

Eclipta is an Ayurvedic plant that helps stimulate the production of black pigment in the body. As a result, it can nourish and darken the color of your hair naturally. With this treatment, the growth of new grey hair is controlled and the Melanocyte’s life span is extended so it will be able to produce more new black hair.

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Fresh green vegetables, isolated on white, macro close up with copy space

However, you should take care of your diet as well. Food that are rich in Vitamin B7, for example, broccoli, cabbage, spinach and avocadoes contains biotin. If you have biotin deficiency, it can lead to depression, nausea, muscle strain, dry skin, fatigue, hair loss, and anemia. It is also very beneficial for people who have grey hair.

So visit LaoFoYe today! Where plucking one strand of grey hair, more black hair will grow out!

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Dragon fruit? For your hair!?


Dragon fruit is one of my go-to-fruits. Not because of it’s name (Let’s be serious. Dragon fruit is a cool name. No?) but I like the taste and texture of it. Enough about me. If you are not a big fan of dragon fruit, you might just be one after I introduced the benefits of dragon fruit to your hair!

Pitaya, which is also know as Dragon Fruit, has an interesting story being it.

According to the legend the fruit was created thousands of years ago by fire breathing dragons. During a battle when the dragon breathed fire the last thing to emerge would be the fruit. When the dragon was slain the fruit was collected by the victorious soldiers and presented to the Emperor as a coveted treasure.

The soldiers would then butcher the dragon and eat the flesh. It was believed that those who feasted on the flesh would be endowed with the strength and ferocity of the dragon and that they too would be coveted by the Emperor.


Why is dragon fruit beneficial for you?

Well, it is full of goodness for your entire body and that starts with its richness in vitamin C, but it also has vitamins B1, B2, and B3. It has calcium, iron, and phosphorus, high in dietary fiber and phytoalbumins, which contain antioxidant properties. Dragon fruit is filled with those tiny black seeds and they are not only edible but also an asset to the fruit and to us. The seeds are extremely high in polyunsaturated fatty acids like Omega 3 and 6 and it contains carotene. This fruit is blood sugar regulating and an immune boosting asset to your diet.

Then, how does the dragon fruit helps with your hair?

Just about everything mentioned for benefiting your body will also benefit your hair. The fatty acids are excellent supporters for healthy hair with the Omega 3s keeping your hair lustrous and shiny while the Omega 6s stimulate hair growth. Those Omega 3s are also vital to our body’s production of collagen and collagen helps each strand of hair maintain its thickness. Unfortunately, as we age this delivery slows down, so this is very important for our aging hair to get this type of help.

Just how do I use dragon fruit to help me hair?

Dragonfruit juice

Dragon fruit is great for softening color-treated or chemically-treated tresses. Apply dragon fruit juice on your scalp and hair for 15-20 minutes before shampooing for scalp calming benefits from the antioxidants. This in turn increases blood circulation and good blood circulation allows oxygen to get to the hair follicles for proper growth. Dragon fruit also has niacin, which dilates the blood vessels and allows for better circulation of blood to nourish the scalp and hair follicles.


Here is a tasty and healthy dragon fruit smoothie pumped with protein, iron, and vitamin C that will benefit your skin, hair and body.

10 mins
10 mins
A thick and creamy fiber rich smoothie bowl made with dragon fruit (pitaya) and topped with superfood ingredients.
Author: McKel Hill, MS, RD, LDN
Recipe type: dessert, breakfast
Serves: 1
  • 1 pack of frozen and pureed pink dragon fruit (pitaya)
  • ½ frozen banana
  • 1 cup frozen raspberries
  • 1 cup coconut milk
  • 1 teaspoon bee pollen
  • 1 teaspoon maca powder
  • Garnish toppings, optional: shredded coconut, bee pollen, cacao nibs, fresh dragon fruit, fresh sliced figs, fresh raspberries
  1. Add all ingredients to a blender and blend until smooth. Add ice to thicken as desired.
  2. Pour into a bowl and top with optional garnish ingredients to add flavor and nutrient density.
  3. Enjoy immediately.


There are no health risks associated with dragon fruits, and studies have even shown that pregnant women and breast-feeding women are safe to eat dragon fruits without any worry of risks. So, go out to your nearest exotic market and grab some delicious and wildly nutritious dragon fruit.


After learning about all these, are you going to the nearest market to grab these gems yet? Stay tuned for more posts like these! As we, LaoFoYe, share more hair tips and facts to you!

scalp treatment

Scalp Problem Treatment in Singapore

Having scalp problems such as alopecia areata, dandruff, ringworm, eczema and oily scalp? Try our Herbal Detox & Clarifying Treatment will give you effective results in just one try. We use only natural herbs and ingredients, without chemicals or preservatives. Natural treatments will not harm your scalp, it brings back your healthy scalp.

scalp treatment

Scalp infections are one of the world’s major causes of hair damage and loss through the promotion of hair disease. Most scalp infection can be treated.

The main causes of scalp infections are various pathogens or micro-organisms liked bacteria, fungus, virus or parasites. Among these micro-organisms the most common pathogens involved in skin and hair infections are bacteria and fungus. However, there is a species of parasites called demodex folliculorum that causes a major hair infection (actually an infestation) in people and it is more likely to develop in people already affected by pattern baldness. Demodex folliculorum can lead to significant itching on the scalp and elsewhere, particularly in the eyebrows and eyelashes.



Eczema of the scalp – starts as a small pimple that gets larger and larger. Eventually it becomes patchy, flaky, or scaly patches. In some people the hair will fall out, leaving scaly patches of temporary baldness. The place where the infection is often become swollen, tender, and red. Sometimes, yellowish crusty areas will develop. It is very important to begin treating eczema on scalp in humans immediately.

The longer you delay, the worse the condition can become, and the more it will spread.



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