oil scalp causes hair loss

Can Oily scalp cause hair loss?

Most people associate hair loss (alopecia) with either oily scalp or dandruff. When the scalp become oily or you have oily hair, it does make it more likely to have Sebum plugs in and around the hair follicles. This plug wraps around the bottom part of the bulb (the reproducing part of the hair), “suffocate it”, which eventually results in hair loss. In that sense, the sebum acts as a hair remover. Adult men and women of all ages can suffer from sebum plug.

An excessive oily scalp can be caused by several different factors. The main ones hormonal changes, heredity, stress, improper diet or environmental factors such as intense heat and humidity.


Mr. Cheow, aged 55, suffered from extremely oily scalp when he first visited us. The oily scalp caused serious hair-loss.  After anti-oily scalp treatments and hair growth treatments at LaoFoYe, new hair of 1cm long emerged and open pores continuously appeared. Mr. Cheow is ecstatic with the results and he repeatedly say:

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Another case of Successful Recovery


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laofoye eyebrow growth

Laofoye says, Eyebrow Growth Products

laofoye eyebrow growth

Eyebrows are one of the most visible parts of the body that can add to the overall appearance of a person. This is one of the places where you would want a healthy hair growth.

In most Asian and Chinese cultures, eyebrows represent authority and power especially in men which is why they want to have reasonably thick and strong eyebrows. However eyebrows to women represent an all too different meaning: it closely relates to fashion.

Eyebrow shapes and sizes change as the fashion trend changes. Thin eyebrows can be the current hottest thing but tomorrow, it could be thick and natural brows. Most women work their eyebrows to the shape that they desire either by plucking, waxing or shaving eyebrow hair. Others rely on eyebrow pencils or eyebrow tattoos.

However, we need to understand that eyebrow hair growth rate is different for each person because it depends on the genes and body’s hormonal levels. Some people can have their eyebrow hair grow faster while others suffer from slow eyebrow growth. Here are some of the factors that can cause this:

If you’ve suffered from illness such as Alopecia Areata or have received treatments for cancer which may cause loss of hair on your eyebrows, it can take much longer for them to grow back or they might not grow back at all.

Plucking or waxing can also slow down eyebrow hair growth. Plucking or waxing removes the hair directly from the hair follicles which can take 1-2 months or more for them to grow back fully.

Another factor is damaged hair follicles caused by excessive trimming. This can not only cause slow hair growth, it can even cause loss of eyebrow hair.
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