Tips on Dealing with Alopecia Areata

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Natural Hair Treatment

alopecia areata

What are the Types of Alopecia Areata?

Depending upon the extend of involvement, alopecia areata is divided into:

1. Localized alopecia areata
2. Alopecia totalis: involve the whole scalp, eyebrows, beard
3. Alopecia universalis: Total loss of body hair

At times, alopecia areata can be quite stubborn in its response to treatment. Many patients continue to get recurrences despite the therapeutic interventions. This definitely calls for further investigations to rule out or confirm causes like unmanaged stress, direct pressure or untreated caries teeth.

Tips on dealing with Alopecia Areata

1. In many cases hair growth occurs spontaneously in a few months without any medical treatment. A wait and watch approach is indeed a non expensive, safer alternative for a limited number of patients.
But if the patches are getting wider and the hair pulling test is positive, it is wiser to consult your dermatologist.

Hair pulling test: Try pulling out…

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