Hair Growth Testimonial – Miss Malar

Miss Malar started her Hair Growth Treatment and Detox Treatment on 02 October 2009.

Witness the results happening. You can come down to Lao Fo Ye too, if you suffer from the same problem as Miss Malar.


“I suffered hair-loss after the birth of my 1st child 15 years ago. Subsequently after the birth of my 3rd child, my hair fall condition worsen.

I started receiving treatments at LaoFoYe Hair Care Centre on the 2nd of October 2009. At first, their lady boss and their staff were very careful in treating me as I had so little hair left. They took great pains to wash my hair gently. When they blew dry my hair, they were also careful not to pull out the weak hair. After 10 treatments (appx. 2 weeks and 6 days), I noticed changes.”


1. I had very little hair loss (which I think is normal)

2. There is an increase in the volume of my hair. They explained that that’s because my hair is now healthier due to nutrients received during treatment.

3. Computer scans showed tremendous improvements to my oily scalp.

4. Balding spots are not so visible

5. There are signs of open pores and baby hair! Applying their hair essence at night to strengthen and encourage hair growth is so very convenient for my lifestyle.

“The hairstylist I normally go to, complimented on the improvement in quality and quantity of my hair. He said now he doesn’t have such a headache trying to fashion my hair. I am continuing treatments there for more hair growth. I highly recommend LaoFoYe Hair Care Centre to everyone I know. I pen this Testimonial to confirm that LaoFoYe has helped me with my hair problems.”

Miss Malar has found back her confidence with LaoFoYe. If you are suffering from any kind of hair problem, come down to LaoFoYe right now! You can contact us via our hotline, 6 3838 333 or our Facebook page, right now!


4 comments on “Hair Growth Testimonial – Miss Malar

  1. transplant hair based on this naturally occurring follicular unit, he creates the most natural appearing look and outcome.

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