Grey Hair Treatment Testimonial – Mr. Koh

Mr. Koh started his Grey Hair Treatment on 2 April 2015. After 10 treatments, his grey hair problem has been controlled. New grown hair is in black, his original hair colour.

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One of the ingredients in LaoFoYe’s Grey Hair Treatment Herbal Formula is Eclipta. What is Eclipta??


Eclipta is an Ayurvedic plant that helps stimulate the production of black pigment in the body. As a result, it can nourish and darken the color of your hair naturally. With this treatment, the growth of new gray hair is controlled and the Melanocyte’s life span is extended so it will be able to produce more new black hair.

Mr. Koh mentioned ,” I was at lost when my premature greys started to appear. I search frantically for a solution. Until I found LaoFoYe. They told me that the process of recovering from my problem could take a longer time or a shorter time. Depending on my age, family history, lifestyle, etc. I could not believe that it took me merely 10 treatments to witness new black hair sprouting out of my scalp! Thank you LaoFoYe!”

IF you want to know how Lao Fo Ye’s Grey Hair treatment can help you, visit our website to find out more.

If you have hair problems similar to Mr. Koh, call us now at 6 3838 333 or book an appointment with us! We are located at the Bencoolen (Opposite OG Albert), Bugis.


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