Herbal Hair Growth Treatment Testimonial – Mr. Hafiz

Mr. Hafiz started his Herbal Hair Growth Treatment with LaoFoYe in 9 March 2015.

As for the results, witness it for yourself!

1052 Compare Photo

Most customers who are undergoing Hair Growth (HG) Treatment, Herbal Hair Growth (HHG) Treatment, Grey Hair (GH) Treatment or etc. are required to undergo Detox Treatment (Pssssst! There’s LFYExpress’s Scalp Clarifying treatment as well! It works similarly to Detox Treatment. Much friendlier to your wallet too!) first. We have to cleanse the scalp. Even if you have really oily scalp but you think that you are not suffering from hair loss, Detox Treatment is beneficial for you as well. The Detox treatment, also know as Herbal Clarifying Treatment, cleans and detoxifies impurities & harmful substances on the scalp. It also helps customers to open up clogged & dormant pores on the scalp, conditioning it to receive nutrients.

Mr. Hafiz commented “I want to thank LaoFoYe for allowing me to regain my confidence, I am most fortunate to entrust them with my hair problem.”

If you have hair problems similar to Mr. Hafiz’s, call us now at 6 3838 333 or book an appointment with us! We are located at the Bencoolen (Opposite OG Albert), Bugis.

For more information about the Detox Treatment and the Hair Growth Treatment, head over to our website now!


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