Express Recovery

Lao Fo Ye Express is the hair treatment of choice for people who want effective treatments with an affordable price tag attached to it.



Did I hear cheers? I bet you will cheer even louder as our therapists start detoxifying your hair with our Scalp Clarifying Formula.

What is Scalp Clarifying treatment you ask? Well, it is made up of  all natural herbs which is essential to kill bacteria in your scalp which is accumulated by the exposure to external factors such as the environment or the chemicals in your shampoo. Although it is not as effective as our Herbal Clarifying treatment,  it is sufficient enough to get rid of the harmful substances that our scalp is exposed to daily.

“So… What is Hair Strengthening then?” Glad you ask. No, I’m really happy you asked. Do you know how brittle and weak your hair can get due to our environment? Nothing can last forever. The same applies to the strength of your hair. Our Hair Strengthening Formula gives your hair the nutrient it needs for you to look good daily.

And the best thing is, NO APPOINTMENT REQUIRED. So you do not have to commit to the treatment package and come by Lao Fo Ye any time! Go on ahead and have more time for a carefree lifestyle without worrying about your hair as it would be maintained by us, the Lao Fo Ye team, if you try out Lao Fo Ye Express today!


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