Halloween Special: Trick and Treat of Alopecia Areata Signs and Symptoms

3 signs and symptoms for Alopecia areata.

You don’t want that still in Halloween your hair feels like murderous and scary to the point of killing someone or someone might have killed your hair?


These maybe a good guideline for your hair if its natural or not to loss that much of hair everyday.

  1. Hair Loss is more often or Patchy Hair Loss. Check your head if you have a coin-sized. round, smooth, bare patches where your having hair loss. Before you woke up, check in the pillow or shower if you have a lot of hair that was losing. Mostly its in the scalp but can be visible as well in the eyebrows, eyelashes, beards or any hair-bearing site and patches may vary in different sizes. The problem often begins with 1 or more coin-sized, round, smooth, bare patches where hair once was. You may first notice the problem when you see clumps of hair on your pillow or in the shower. Hair loss occurs mostly on the scalp. But it can involve eyebrows, eyelashes, beards—any hair-bearing site. Patches vary in size.
  2. Hair gets narrower at the bottom or having an exclamation mark sizes at the edges. Extensive of Hair losses in the scalp in which can cause alarming to our visible eyes.
  3. Nail Complications. Nails can have dents, white spots, and roughness.

But worry no more, if you heading Singapore there’s a health care who can give you a good cure and assistance to take care of alopecia areata.

See testament below by: Mrs. Ellen Loh

“So I went to LaoFoYe Hair Care Centre quickly with no doubts, without thinking anymore about the money and I don’t want to waste the time. We are very lucky to found LaoFoYe and able to let them cure my daughter’s hair problem.
LaoFoYe’s hair consultant told me that my daughter’s hair problem is Alopecia Areata and that they have treated a lot of customers successfully with this condition. I told them that what ever it is I don’t want to know, I only want to see is my daughter’s hair to regrow.
Now after 3 months I saw the results. The pictures are approved, her hair is growing quickly, the forehead is almost full. She no more say, she don’t want to go to school.
Thanks to LaoFoYe. You are a savior”


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