Mustache Growth in Laofoye Hair Care Center in SG

Facial hair has always been associated with men especially in the form of a mustache or beard. Some of these beards are treated as a sign of masculinity while others treat it as an expression of religion, cultural heritage and sexual identity. A mustache or beard on a man exudes such powerful meaning that men all over the world are trying to grow one. This comes easy for some but has become a dilemma and struggle for others.

Studies have shown that Asian men have been facing problems in growing mustache / beard. They either get thin facial hair, patchy and uneven bits or none at all.

Why does this happen?

One main factor is the testosterone which is essential in maintaining the distinct male features such as the mustache/beard. It acts on the sensors of hair follicles and the blood supply that comes with it enables hair to grow faster, stronger and darker.

Genes also play a big role in how mustache/beards grow. Each person has different growth patterns and usually, these are dictated by the genes that were passed on. Ethnic backgrounds can also influence facial hair growth. Most Asian men have lesser facial hair growth compared to any other race.

So people also lose their mustache/beard due to hair loss in that particular area. The hair loss could be caused by sickness such Alopecia Areata which is the presence of scar-like skin on the scalp with tiny hair that have no pigment and color or no hair at all.

LAOFOYE’S BREAKTHROUGH has gone beyond race, age, sickness and gender.

It has finally given the world an effective solution to men’s mustache/beard dilemma.

As well as eyebrow growth

But don’t take my word for it. Try it for yourself and see the difference.

You will not be disappointed.


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