What is LaoFoYe Acupressure Head Massage?

What is LaoFoYe Acupressure Head MassageAcupressure is an ancient Chinese healing method that involves applying of pressure to certain meridian points on the body to relieve pain, provide therapy as well as boost the well-being of our body. Most people very often confuse acupuncture with acupressure. Although both are using the same nerve points, acupuncture uses needles while acupressure uses finger press.

Acupressure head massage is therapeutic and can promote blood circulation to the brain, refresh eyesight, relax the nerves and promote hair growth and other benefits for general good health. Safe and proper hairloss acupunctural massage therapy can influence peripheral nerve reflex points to achieve deep relaxation and attain optimal blood circulation to boost hair growth and reduce hair loss.

What makes LaoFoYe so different?

This is an aspect that makes LaoFoYe Haircare Centre different from the others in the same industry. Using only 100% natural herbs with no preservatives or chemical, LaoFoYe is reputed as the therapeutic herbal naturalist. Formulas are concocted by its founder, Ms Quek, who uses the same ingredients used by the Empress Dowager Cixi(affectionately known as LaoFoYe within the courts of the imperial Qing Dynasty).

And this is how LaoFoYe Haircare Centre derives its name from. LaoFoYe’s unique acupressure finger-press head massage is formulated with reference to Huang Di, The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine, to promote hair growth and to relax the nerves.


Benefits of Acupressure Massage

Not only does acupressure finger-press head massage promotes the health of hair, it also has a positive effect in reducing stress and enabling one to feel more relaxed. The fast pace of life nowadays is very stressful, be it deskbound or outdoors, and causes the nerves around the shoulders and necks to feel tensed with poor blood circulation. Stress and lack of sleep are the more common contributing factors to hairloss. LaoFoYe, together with special ingredients in their treatments works to rescue the harms of stress on hair as well as relax the tension in the nerves at the head and shoulder through its acupressure finger-press scalp and shoulder massage. These massages enable hair follicles to be more receptive to the nutrients they require for maximum health as well as release the tension on nerves. Relaxed nerves plus good blood circulation to the hair follicles increases the rate of hair growth, improve the quality of hair as well as strengthen the hair and roots so that hair-loss can be reduced (if not totally eliminated).

Due to the effectiveness of such head massages at LaoFoYe, the 100% herbal treatments which is applied is essentially important as they can penetrate directly into the follicles. However, acupressure head massage when done with treatments or products which contain chemicals may have different result. Click here.


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