Singapore Hair Loss Specialist

Singapore Hair Loss Specialist

Singapore’s only tested/proven hair growth & hair loss specialist.

Lao Fo Ye (the Empress Dowager) is famous for her secret formulas on Food, Beauty, Longevity and Hair Care. There was a famous story about her – When a single strand of her hair was detached while combing, she insisted that it be attached back to her scalp. Thus illustrating her love to remain young and beautiful.

Singapore Hair Loss Specialist sg hair specialist

Empress Dowager Cixi’s Ancient Secrets

LaoFoYe (Cixi’s secret formulas) provides excellent nutrients for your hair follicles.  These nutrients are absorbed exceedingly fast by the follicles resulting to an extremely effective solution to halt alopecia areata and promote hair growth. Gone are the days when scalp problems and hair loss used to be such a worry. LaoFoYe’s herbal detox treatment and hair loss treatment successfully eliminates those worries and replaces them with new hair growth.  Our herbal detox treatment fights the bacteria that causes alopecia areata and stop the spread of the disease.  We are the leading hair care centre that offers alopecia areata treatment with successful results.

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