Laofoye Hair Care Product : Gray to Black

Each of us have unique hair characteristics. Some have fiery red hair, others have sleek and shiny black hair while others have warm brown hues. We all have different hair colors but gray shouldn’t be one of them.

Laofoye Hair Care Product  Gray to Black

Beliefs state that only older people get gray hair. This is wrong. While age may play a big part in the graying process, it is not the only reason why our hair turns gray. Anyone can have gray hair – even the young ones. If people experience graying of the hair in their 20’s or 30’s, this is referred to as premature graying.

Initially, our hair is white. However, the Melanocytes or the cells found in our hair follicles produce pigments such as the main one called Melanin. Melanin gives our hair its color. If you have more melanin produced, the darker the color of your hair; the lesser melanin you have results in a lighter color as well. As we grow older, these Melanocytes will start to produce lesser and lesser pigments until there’s none at all. If these melanocytes will stop producing new pigments, the hair does not get any color at all. The hair is actually transparent as it grows but because of the way the light hits the hair, it appears to be gray.

Genetics also play a part in causing gray hair. If your parents suffered from gray hair at an early age, you may also experience the same thing. However, this is not always the case as there are exceptions.

An unhealthy diet can also cause graying of the hair. Our bodies need the right amount of Vitamin B12, Copper, Omega 3 for healthier cells. Drinking too much coffee and tea can also lead to gray hair as it increases the caffeine level in the body. Smoking can also cause graying because it lowers down the amount of oxygen needed by the hair follicles.

There may be a lot of factors that can cause gray hair but we shouldn’t just sit and watch what happens. We need to take preventive measures and with Lao Fo Ye’s Gray Hair Treatment, you won’t have to worry about gray hair at all. Lao Fo Ye is your gray hair cure and your gray hair remedy.

LaoFoYe’s gray hair treatment takes advantage of the natural herb Eclipta. Eclipta is an Ayurvedic plant that helps stimulate the production of black pigment in the body. As a result, it can nourish and darken the color of your hair naturally. With this treatment, the growth of new gray hair is controlled and the Melanocyte’s life span is extended so it will be able to produce more new black hair.  -Continue reading…


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